UPLS November 28, 2016

flag-of-serbia-serbian-flag-serbian-flag-serbia-coat of arms-tricolor-serbiaAfter the appearance of the news and the front page in the daily newspaper BLIC on the topic of arms smuggling on Serbian waterways, which explicitly states that it was committed by the ship "Lađar", we inform the citizens and state institutions of the Republic of Serbia that it is a deliberate and dangerous lie intended solely to discredit The Association of Professional Shipowners of Serbia and its president Branislav Vajda, who in the mentioned period, performed the duties of the commander, in the article of the named ship, in the European Union.

It is very indicative that after several notable critical and well-intentioned public appearances after the recent tragedies on the Danube, but also public warnings about the tycoonization of the Danube and Serbian shipping, the ship of the president of the shipowners' association came to the front page with monstrous accusations. brought into personal danger the president of the association, his family, but also caused irreparable damage to the reputation of the company "Ladjar kupra doo" from Belgrade, which is the owner of the said ship.

Due to all this, we ask the daily Blic to deny but at the same time announce that we will take all legal measures to defend the honor and reputation of the Association, its president and the company of the shipowner, which includes official contact with all relevant state legal and police institutions and criminal and compensation lawsuits against all those responsible in Axel Springer doo

On the occasion of this scandalous and dangerous lie, we will seek condemnation and support from all professional journalists and media associations, but we will also directly address the foreign owner Axel Springer doo, who will point out the incredible and very dangerous behavior of their employees who endanger life with their "unnamed sources". the crew of the ship "Ladjar" and their families.

All interested media who want to know more information about this case can contact directly the president of the association of professional shipowners Branislav Vajda.

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