UPLS 30. January 2017.

On the occasion of the announcement of the sale of the shipping company Jugoslovensko rečno brodarstvo from Belgrade, members of the Association employed in the said company they expressed concern and on that occasion we give a press release:

On 17.02. In 2017, according to the received offers, the sale of the Yugoslav River Shipping Company (JRB) will begin.
JRB is one of the oldest shipping companies on the Danube. It was formed by Captain Miša in 1825 with 12 ships, in 1856 it became the French-Serbian Steamship Company, in 1891 it became the First Royal Serbian Shipping Company, in 1921 it became the first Serbian Steamship Company from which it became JRDB after the war and in 1952 is called JRB.
It has 309 employees, of which 159 are boatmen, it owns over 50 barges (pushers), docks (pontoons) in Veliko Gradište, Belgrade and Bezdan, 10 liners, 3 boxers, 3 small service boats, a workshop ship, a small passenger ship "Kovin", real estate - agencies in Vienna, Bezdan, Novi Sad, Sabac, Belgrade, Pancevo and Smederevo, administrative building in Kneza Milosa 82 of 6000 m2 with parking and two ship repairs - in Pancevo and Belgrade. The company operates properly, salaries are regular as well as all contributions to the state. There are two-year contracts for the transport of cereals and with the Smederevo Ironworks for the transport of raw materials.
Employees of the Yugoslav River Shipping Company invite the responsible and competent institutions as well as the Ministry and the interested public to take into account the process and manner of privatization as well as the interests of the future owner in order to avoid the mistake made 6 years ago during the privatization of 4 state-owned companies into one, "Danube Group Aggregates".

We remind you that when Dušan Borovica took over DGA (Danube Group Aggregates), the company had about 450 employees, of which 300 were staff on board ships. The company was created by assembling several smaller and larger companies: "Hero Pinki" from Novi Sad, BBP (Belgrade Excavator Company) from Belgrade, Brodarstvo Zrenjanin from Zrenjanin and Brodarstvo Pozarevac from Pozarevac. Each company operated successfully before merging into the Danube Group. DGA was engaged in the exploitation of natural aggregates, transportation of bulk cargo and transportation of liquid petroleum products. It owned a large number of landfills for the sale of sand and gravel and had a large fleet of self-propelled barges, pushers, small and large tractors, backhoe loaders, bucket excavators, unloading devices, a large number of barges (pushers) and barges (barges) for bulk and liquid cargo, dry dock, residential boats, floating platforms for gravel quality testing, self-propelled vehicles for car transport, and icebreakers. With many efforts of workers and sending various requests and warnings to the state, the company DGA was completely destroyed, some of the fleet was taken away by banks due to various loans raised on the basis of a mortgage on ships, workers lost their jobs and on the brink of subsistence the then provincial secretary for labor and employment, Miroslav Vasin, was also present, who then guaranteed that the provincial government would not allow the company to fail. The Provincial Government was warned, as well as the Secretary, about the importance of icebreakers for the city of Novi Sad and for the state and for the work of the rest of the fleet, but unfortunately, with great efforts, requests, warnings and protests with the blockade of the Danube, the company was totally destroyed and the workers were left to fend for themselves.

Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia

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  1. Vasin got a new car from Borovica, because he helped him transfer the workers and ruin what was left of the DGA.

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