UPLS 15. February 2017.





Dear Sirs,

We would like to inform you about the observations of the Association of Professional Shipowners of Serbia regarding the proper management of the ship administration.


In practice, we are dealing with a problem related to this ship's records, the log form itself is an outdated solution and the existing form dates back to the beginnings of wireless communication. The devices with which this form was used have long been in the museum's settings, and in our opinion, the radio diary also has a place in the museum. Formally, a new form is currently in use according to the new regulations, and in fact it is old with replaced and stylized covers. The commander has prescribed obligations regarding the keeping of these records and, of course, prescribed penalties for omissions. To understand what we are writing about, you should continue reading this text with a copy of the radio diary in front of you and put yourself in the role of a navigator behind the command desk on the command bridge. The obligation is to keep communication on the working channel, which was feasible at the time of the appearance of this record, namely at that time there were two jobs on the command bridge, helmsman and captain, which were further connected to the navigator workplace. Today, the navigator monitors a large number of parameters important for the safe management of the ship or composition, among other things, participates in radio traffic on the navigation, auxiliary channel and communication with the coast, very often all this happens simultaneously and has the obligation to keep manual records. It is almost impossible to fulfill this obligation correctly and accurately, which has no purpose. An objective question arises as to what the radio diary is for and the justification of the existence of such records within the prescribed ship administration.

We propose a more efficient solution in accordance with the time in which we operate and the level of technological development, in our opinion it would be correct to abolish the radio diary, and within the RIS it would be possible to organize continuous recording of communication on working channels in radiotelephone traffic. Conditionally small investment, benefit in cases of navigation accidents and determining the responsibility of participants.

We will continue to inform you about all important observations of the Association.

Notice No. 5

Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia

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