UPLS 9. March 2017.

Date 09.03.2017. we sent to the ministry:

Dear Sirs,

The current condition of the installed signs, light signals and radar markers on the navigable openings of bridges on waterways in the Republic of Serbia is probably at the lowest level in Europe. Sailing at night and in conditions of reduced and limited visibility through the navigable openings of bridges in Serbia, due to such a situation, made a routine maneuver a very complicated and demanding procedure.

The aim of this petition is to provide your ministry with a legal basis for initiating the mechanism provided by the Law on Navigation and Ports in Article 39 on the following permanent navigational obstacles (bridges) that are not properly marked:

  1. Road new bridge Sabac river Sava 104,6 km, faulty light signaling of the navigable opening and radar markers.
    2. Railway bridge Sabac river Sava 107 km, faulty light signaling of the navigable opening and radar markers
    3 .. Obrenovac Bridge Sava River 42,5 km, faulty traffic light and radar markers.
  2. Ostružnica bridge Sava river 15 km, faulty light signaling of the navigation opening and radar markers.
    5. Road bridge "Branko's bridge" Sava river 1 km, bridge without any signalization, there are no day, night or radar signs for the recommended navigation opening.
  3. Road bridge Bezdan, Danube river 1424,5 km, faulty traffic light and radar markers.
  4. Road bridge Bogojevo river Danube 1336,5 km, faulty light signaling and radar markers
    8. Road bridge B. Palanka - Ilok river Danube 1297 km, radar markers are at a short distance from the pillars and are not visible on the radar. We remind you that the minimum distance required for detection on the radar is 7,5 meters.
    9. Road-railway bridge Pancevo river Danube 1166.2 km faulty light signaling of the navigation opening and radar markers.
    10. Road bridge Smederevo river Danube 1112.2 km faulty traffic light and radar markers.

We believe that it is necessary for you to issue a statement to shipping and ship masters, which indicates the obligations under Article 54 of the Law on Navigation and Ports on Inland Waters, regarding informing the Harbor Master's Offices about the status of signs regulating navigation. In the past, due to the non-reaction of the authorities to the notifications about the observed irregularities on the signalization, the commanders eventually stopped reporting on the condition of the signalization of the navigable openings of the bridges. As Article 39 of the Law allows for response, we believe that it is necessary to re-establish the reporting system in a functional way as it was originally designed.

We invite you to consider, following the example of the solution applied on the Rhine River, an additional measure to increase the safety of navigation at extremely low navigable bridge openings. The current determination of the height of the navigable opening depends on the time of reading the water level on the relevant water meter, which is done and announced every 24 hours. In conditions of high water levels and fast oscillations, the Rhine solution proved to be very efficient, consisting of a measuring scale large enough to be visible, placed on a bridge pillar where "0" is at the top and represents the lowest point of construction of the waterline. By reading the value at the level of the water mirror, the current height of the navigation opening is read. A very cheap and practical solution that would be extremely important for tourist vessels, which due to their height must always have accurate data on the current heights of bridges.

We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that during the execution of works, the obligations of the contractor regarding marking are significantly neglected, and we invite you to take the measures provided by law and increase the level of inspection supervision. We suggest that, following the example of the EU countries, the works on the waterway are marked with additional signs placed on the illuminated water salmus in order to draw the attention of traffic participants. The installation of additional boards on the shore did not prove to be a successful solution, especially in night sailing and sailing in conditions of reduced visibility.

Petition bridges

Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia

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