UPLS 9. March 2017.

Date 09.03.2017. we sent the following letter to the ministry requesting a review and correction of the Ship's Log and Crew List.

Request for revision of ship's documents - Ship's logbook and Crew List

Dear Sirs,

We would like to address you regarding the observations from practice related to the use of ship's books: Ship's log and Crew List.
The ship's log has played a significant role in the past in the records of events and changes in the waterway. With the development of technology, RIS systems and the Internet, information on weather conditions, water levels and events in navigation have become easily accessible and data on these items have been easily available for years.
The latest change of Brodski dnevnik tried to improve the previous practice of recording shift work and travel, but unfortunately that attempt was not well designed and realized. As the Census lost the role of proving the length of service due to the disappearance of borders in the European Union, Brodski dnevnik completely took over that role. Due to its dimensions, the current format of the Ship's Log is impossible to copy, which leads to a serious problem in proving the presence on board. The section for enrollment in shift work is not well designed, because if more people work in shifts, there is a problem of enrollment of staff and shift work, which often puts commanders in a very ungrateful position. In the countries of the European Union, the logbook is used exclusively for confirming the presence of crew members, records and control of travel models and records and control of shift work. The dimensions of the Logbook are such that it is easy to copy and when disembarking a crew member, the master copies the pages of the logbook with the days of embarkation on the ship, which contain data on the line on which the ship sailed and which the crew member submits to the River Police once a year. The ship's diary of the Rhine Commission also contains a column for arrival and departure from the ship, ie. boarding and disembarking as well as rest time of individuals in shifts.
The previous practice in our country was that the excerpt from the Brodski dnevnik was submitted during the shipwreck along with other obligatory documentation. We believe that this is an outdated practice and that in case of an accident, the presence of the crew, shift work and navigation regime is sufficient and the only necessary data from the diary, and other data are obtained from the commander's statement and relevant data from the RIS system and hydrometeorological service.
We believe that these problems would be solved by switching to the system of travel records - Brodski dnevnik, following the example of the countries of the European Union - the Rhine Commission.
According to Article 104 of the Law on Navigation and Ports on Inland Waters, the Republic of Serbia recognizes ship books issued in accordance with the regulations of the EU member states as if they were issued in the Republic of Serbia. In the process of harmonization with the EU so far, the old forms of the Ship's Certificate and the Book of Inspections and Supervisions have been fully harmonized with the EU regulations by introducing new forms. It is expedient to do the same with the ship's logbook and crew list forms.

By changing the travel documents in river navigation, the passport became the only valid travel document and the shipping book lost that function. This change also put an end to the need for a classic crew list, which was used as an addition to the confirmation of presence on the ship with the shipping book. The crew list still has the only function of proving the embarkation and disembarkation of an individual on merchant navy ships, and he would lose that role by switching to the said system of navigation records.

We believe that by switching to this type of Brodski dnevnik, Serbia would make a big step closer to the standard of the European Union countries and reduce the possibility of abuse. Please find attached a copy of the layout of the Ship's Log with instructions for keeping it.

Revision Ship's log and crew list pdf

Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia

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