UPLS December 30, 2018

At the regular session of the Assembly of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia, which was held on December 24.12.2018, XNUMX in the premises of the Traffic School "Pinki" in Novi Sad, all items on the Agenda were discussed.
A detailed analysis of last year's work and the commitment of the membership to the promotion and improvement of the work of the Association was made.
A decision was made unanimously to increase the membership fee to 3000 dinars a year and a financial plan for the next year was made.
It was agreed and confirmed that the priority in the next year is making and publishing River Navigation Manual. Topics have been divided and authors of specific areas have been identified, and the first results are expected at the end of February, when the preliminary form of the manual will be presented.
The intensified work of the navigation inspection was noticed and praised, and the communication with the relevant ministry was praised, with which quality communication was achieved during the last year regarding the improvement of navigation.
We are still waiting for the official confirmation of the appointed members of the Examination Commission for professional exams and members for the Working Group from the Assistant Minister.
Members were introduced to the plan for the change of shipping books by MSGI as part of the process of adjustment to European regulations and explained the change in the performance of medical examinations for boarded staff.
The Sustainability Plan of the Boatmen's Club was presented,
A plan for drafting a joint agreement was voted, as well as a price list of work that would be binding for all members of the Association, with the support of the legal team of the Association.
The members were introduced to the idea of ​​creating cooperation with the diving club from Novi Sad and creating a group to help with rescue on the rivers in Novi Sad.
A special topic was the launch of the Trade Union. The role of the trade union was explained, as well as the planned actions during the next year. The system of financing is presented, as well as the conditions of membership and priorities at the beginning of the work.
All materials, with new membership cards, decisions and plans will be delivered to all members of the association and union at their home address during the next month.

UPLS Board of Directors