UPLS 2. September 2019.

At the beginning of the season, there was a problem of inadequate organization of the docking of passenger ships in Belgrade. Shipowners and tourism workers also warned about the problem, long before the problem was supposed to occur. We wrote about this problem in detail at the beginning of the year, and the competent ministry informed the public that a new pontoon for passenger ships would be set up in Zemun at the beginning of August.

August has passed, the works are still in progress. A new problem that alarmed us was the situation on the construction site.

When we look at the current situation, the question arises whether there is any inspection in our country and if there is anything that needs to be done to make it effective.

Due to the construction of the port, the rowing club with a tradition of more than 80 years was removed, without the right to appeal. The construction site is not secured, small boats are embroidered on the broken piles, workers are walking without protective equipment, ships working in the field are not marked according to the regulations, and all this is happening near the captaincy.

We call on all competent services to get more seriously involved and, at least in the capital, to show that inspections work and have some results in meeting basic world standards.

UPLS Board of Directors