UPLS 24. October 2019.

With a few photos below, we want to follow up on the previous article on pontoons and moorings in Serbia.

An example is from Germany, the city of Passau - Lindau. It is shown that with very little investment, the existing infrastructure is used to a great extent. The same could be done in Belgrade. Relocating the existing pontoon to a more suitable place and minimally adjusting the coast would solve the problem of docking passenger ships in less than a month.

PHOTO: Branislav Vajda, Mooring for Passenger - Lindau Passenger Boats


Place for electricity and drinking water supply


Passau - Lindau, passenger terminal


Ship-coast connection

We would like to mention that the lockers for electricity and drinking water are located every 100 meters of the shown quay and that the use of coastal electricity for ships is MANDATORY and that the Republic of Germany charges well for that.

This solution would create more places in the Sava, reduce noise from auxiliary marine engines, and the capacity to receive ships would be two to three times higher than the current one, while respecting all elements of navigation safety.

We invite the authorities to consider the offered solutions in the interest of Serbia and its citizens.

UPLS Board of Directors