UPLS December 11, 2019

The self-propelled Izza with four cargo barges, in the formation of three lengths and two widths in downstream navigation, settled on 1246 km on December 10.12.2019, 16 at around 30:XNUMX p.m. Other participants in the voyage encountered a major problem in communication with the stranded vessel and the safety of navigation itself was compromised due to the limited breadth and disabling of navigation by other vessels. The Harbor Master's Office in charge of that sector was not working at the mentioned moment.

The sector in which the navigation takes place is in itself critical, and the objects that are stranded and not exposed to any control cause danger for other participants in the navigation, making mangura when the objects are towed away. Thus, they change the dimensions of the waterway and impair the safety of navigation.

It is necessary to carry out an inspection of the Izza self-propelled barrow and check the condition of the waterway after the release and inform all participants in the navigation about the situation in the mentioned sector. This is another example that the Harbor Master's Office must work 24 hours a day or the Center for Control and Monitoring of Navigation in the service of security and protection of people and facilities must be launched.

UPLS Board of Directors