UPLS December 24, 2019

He has already informed our association on a couple of occasions about the bad condition at our anchorages. Vessels are often anchored on the very edge of the waterway and during strong winds 2/3 of the waterway is blocked and closed, so the meeting of two vessels is impossible and the passage past such anchored objects seriously endangers navigation safety and navigators go through unnecessary stress and exposure. their vessels in danger of causing an accident with an anchored vessel, hitting the shore and a number of other problems that can be caused by navigation in difficult conditions. Currently, the biggest problem exists at the unofficial, more precisely unmarked anchorage near Pancevo, 1153 km, and the anchorage near Novi Sad, 1252 km. We have mentioned so far that the anchorages must be better marked and that the distance to the distance from the shore should be placed on the boards, or that the anchorage should be marked with buoys. The absence of inspection supervision and control of ships is still a burning problem because navigators, knowing that they have no control, anchor objects wherever they want, outside the current regulations and without respecting basic safety measures of navigation.

UPLS Board of Directors

PHOTO: Anchorage Novi Sad and Anchorage Pancevo (radar image)