UPLS 2. January 2020.

On the second of January, in the morning, near Brza Palanka, at 885 km, on the right bank of the river Danube, the excavator "PIVA" owned by PIM sank. There is currently no notice of no navigation or information on crew members. A stain from the propellant fuel was noticed in the waterway, so it is presumed that fuel and lubricant spilled from the sunken object.

We inform all participants in navigation to pay attention when navigating in the specified sector and the Navigation Inspectorate to provide the place of the navigation accident as soon as possible and issue an appropriate statement.

This is the third sinking of the ships of the company Ivan Milutinović from Belgrade in the past three years. We call on the competent authorities to pay more serious attention to the problem of periodic inspection and registration of ships in order to prevent further navigation accidents.

UPLS Board of Directors

Latest information:

-The sinking of the building began on December 31.12.2019, XNUMX. in the evening. There was only one crew member on the excavator who left the facility when it sank. The boarded crew member is a PIM pensioner who informed the company about the water breach, no one reacted.