UPLS May 18, 2020

PHOTO: mojnovisad.com I

The Boatmen's Association has been warning for more than four years about the potential danger to the safety of navigation from abandoned ships. We especially warn of the problems in Novi Sad from the vessels of the deliberately destroyed company Hero Pinki.

Once the pride of Serbia and the guardians of the state made of ice, the deliberately destroyed and abandoned icebreakers Chakor and Vucevo, rot on the Novi Sad quay in front of the former building of the former Vojvodina giant in hydro transport. After the dubious privatization in which the four strongest companies for hydro construction and hydro transport in Serbia were destroyed, the icebreakers, which were majority owned by the province, passed into private hands, although they are of STRATEGIC importance for the country's security in case of ice and ice movement.

State representatives have used our previous writings on the necessity of owning icebreakers mainly for political outwitting and announcing abnormal tenders for the construction of new ships, although the existing ones, with relatively small investments, would become perfectly operational and extremely attractive in functional and historical context. We would like to remind the public that during the ice age from three years ago, Hungarian icebreakers were included (and heavily paid), who are "twins" both in terms of hull and years of construction, as well as our "Chakor" and "Vucevo".

As the ships are privately owned, we, as the Association, have repeatedly asked the competent inspection and government representatives in Novi Sad to remove these abandoned ships to a safe place with mandatory supervision.

As can be seen, this has never been learned, and after all these years of mischief, the ship has inevitably sunk. It seems that, after all, in our country, suspicious businessmen and the interests of individuals are still stronger than the State and the System.

This is the SEVENTH sinking of ships and vessels in Serbia in the last year, which is definitely the first place in Europe, and probably in the world. This shows that the system of navigation inspection, supervision, ship registration and complete shipping infrastructure in Serbia simply does not work.

We ask the authorities whether they will ever react in accordance with pointing out the announced dangers from people from the profession, or whether the services that should work for the state and citizens will continue to protect the interests of suspicious businessmen and individuals.

We express our deepest condemnation of doing nothing.

UPLS Board of Directors.