UPLS 25. July 2020.

During the inspection, according to the application of the UPLS, on the occasion of the death of sailor Marko Paležević, the competent inspector determined certain shortcomings and ordered their removal. After our writing and presenting the issue to the public, we received several complaints from former employees of the company Vukovic DOO, ship crews, who pointed out the extremely poor condition of ships, difficult working conditions and other irregularities related to safety. We received information that the ship APATIN 1, whose inspection expired in March last year, sailed without inspection and adequate crew until December of the same year. In order to determine the accuracy of the stated reports of shipowners, we request from the competent authorities to take over the excerpt of the history of the ship's movement from the RIS server as well as the excerpt of the logbook and embarkation-disembarkation of crews from the Port Authorities. To our knowledge, the commander was without an officially valid authorization, more precisely with the old authorization of a motorcyclist sailor, which has not been valid for eight years.

If the truth of the allegations is established, a serious question arises about the quality of work of the competent services and the initiation of criminal charges against the responsible persons.

According to the number of reports that our association receives about non-compliance with procedures and misconduct of competent services, as well as abuse of employers due to lack of sufficient number of navigation inspectors, the sustainability of loyal work and shipping profession is seriously questioned.

For serious failures of the system, such as the death of the Belgrade X crew three years ago, no one was ever responsible thanks to the dumb answer of the "expert" that the sinking of the ship was due to material fatigue and not a poorly inspected ship and a lightly issued navigation permit.

The question is, how can individual employers and individuals do what they want and how they want, and why are these individuals above the law?

We suspect corruption ?!

UPLS Board of Directors