UPLS 26. July 2020.

New summer and old problems. After a series of warnings on the endangered safety of navigation in the waters of Belgrade (Sava River 0 - 15 km), the sector of the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, insufficient inspection of vessels, we did not achieve any positive result. Problems began to appear in the waters of Novi Sad from 1250-1265 km. Sailors are often anchored in the waterway, rafting - sailing (sailing with the engines off by water current) do not pay any attention to other participants in navigation, are tied to the objects of navigation safety (buoys that mark the edges of the waterway), which is explicit by law prohibited, interrupt the course of large vessels and seriously endanger the safety of navigation. Navigators on large ships are increasingly exposed to very stressful situations due to the negligence of boaters, river lovers, and due to the lack of adequate inspection supervision on rivers.

From the already very demanding task of crossing the Novi Sad or Belgrade bridges for a navigator in the summer, we came to a nightmare and a tense situation for a navigator who has to perform an almost impossible task.
On this occasion, we appeal to all sailors to take navigation and staying on the river extremely seriously, to enable people who are professionally engaged in navigation to do their job without undue stress and problems, and to take our warnings seriously and strengthen inspections on the territory. all of Serbia.

We would especially invite all nautical associations to contact us if they are interested in free additional education in navigation safety for their members. A free brochure with recommendations for sailors can be downloaded from our website, and we, as the Association of Professional Boatmen, are available to everyone to raise the level of knowledge and awareness of all participants in navigation through conversation and education.

UPLS Board of Directors

PHOTO: Mooring for a safety facility

PHOTO: Intersecting Convoy Crossing Waterway

PHOTO: Rafting in the Waterway.


PHOTO: Boat Anchoring in Waterway