UPLS 27. July 2020.

Three months ago, we announced an environmental disaster. Nobody reacted!

We have been writing for years about the neglect of ships of national importance and leaving ships at the mercy of the Danube and the weather. The culmination was the sinking of Chakor, which was caused by pure mischief and inaction of the competent services.

When the sinking occurred, we warned and announced a possible environmental catastrophe, which unfortunately occurred and is ongoing. Still, no city service is doing ANYTHING to prevent the problem and to avoid even more damage.

Spillage of petroleum products is extremely dangerous for the environment. One drop of oil derivatives pollutes m2 of land for a hundred years. Petroleum products have been leaking into the water from the sunken ship for days.

Needless to say, there are early wells nearby, ie. drinking water wells and that the springs are in danger as well as flora and fauna.

In our country, it is as if everyone is blind, and the city of Novi Sad itself, which is in large projects of tidying up the coast, is not able to remove the sunken object from which the toxic substance is spilling.

As before, NO ONE is responsible and no one is doing ANYTHING.

Pictures say it all…

PHOTO: Oil Spill from a Sunken Icebreaker



For those who claim that the ships Čakor and Vučevo cannot be trained and used for their original purpose due to obsolescence and unprofitability, we are supporting a photo of an identical ship sailing and working in Hungary.

PHOTO: One of Active Hungarian Icebreakers (27.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX)