Month: September 2020

UPLS 30. September 2020.

Self-propelled truck Belgrade 10 sank in the vicinity of Smederevo on November 02.11.2016, 2019. years. In that tragedy, two crew members lost their lives, Commander Milan Brzaković and machine operator Nikola Kosovac. From the time of death until today, no one has been responsible for this shipping accident. The original report of the Court Expert even caused the rejection of the lawsuit of the family of the victims in XNUMX. Yes […]

UPLS 29. September 2020.

We received three quality excavator masters from the Jocic family. The three brothers began their careers at BBP. When the company broke up, they continued their career in Hidrobaza. Extremely honest and good people above all and excellent experts in their field. Unfortunately, Danilo left us suddenly and went into legend. He was a great fighter for justice and [[]

UPLS 27. September 2020.

22.09 and 25.09.2020. in Veliko Gradište, professional exams were held for titles in inland navigation. The exams were held in the ceremonial hall of the building of the Municipality of Veliko Gradište in a professional atmosphere. Thanks to the efforts of the chairman of the examination commission, all recommended measures against the spread of COVID 19 were complied with.        

UPLS 15. September 2020.

On 14.09.2020. a regular session of the Assembly of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia was held. Session of the 7th regular Assembly of the Association of Professional Shipowners of Serbia and the 1st session of the Trade Union of Shipowners and Seafarers of Serbia, 21000 Novi Sad, Dunavska 2, UPLS Club and GSLPS At the 7th regular session of the UPLS Assembly, the following agenda items will be discussed: 1. Year overview [[]

UPLS 1. September 2020.

In the summer months, the number of boaters on domestic rivers has increased. Most are well prepared for the challenges posed by the river, but, unfortunately, there are also irresponsible ones whose behavior endangers the safety of navigation and the lives of bathers. This year, the traffic of merchant and passenger ships has decreased, but the number of boaters has increased significantly. Intensified [poja] has been observed in the past month

UPLS 1. September 2020.

After the report of the potential danger for the city zone from abandoned ships, a quick reaction of the mayor and the relevant ministry issued an order for the removal of the disputed facilities and they were transferred from the city zone to the place provided for dismantling. During a regular tour of the Novi Sad coast, we noticed several other disputed vessels in the immediate city zone, on the Petrovaradin side, in the zone [[]