Month: December 2020

UPLS December 30, 2020

The Novi Sad anchorage is often overloaded with anchored facilities due to the large number of ships that manipulate goods in the port. The anchorage does not have a clearly defined boundary with floating buoys and often lacks adequate supervision of anchored facilities by the competent Port Authority and the Navigation Inspection. This can be seen and felt every time the wind starts to blow and the anchored barges start […]

UPLS December 30, 2020

The two main problems of navigation on inland waterways are shallow depths and sharp curves. These problems are especially pronounced at low water levels. The riverbeds are regulated for low water levels by narrowing by means of transverse and longitudinal water structures. The spokes are placed transversely to the course of the river with the help of thrown stones. A gap is formed between the spokes in which water settles [[]

UPLS December 16, 2020

We have seen many times that laws are passed quickly and without a serious analysis of the situation on the ground, but it is the first time that a regulation related to navigation has brought unrest to one of the oldest villages in Banat and threatened to destroy a village with hundreds of inhabitants. The village of Taraš, on the Tisza near Zrenjanin is one of the oldest […]

UPLS December 12, 2020

During the night of December 7, the unloading plant "LIM" sank on Ada Huja, near the Pancevo bridge. The ship was not registered and was left unmanned. There were no casualties in the sinking. A stain was noticed from the spillage of bilge waste several kilometers downstream. The competent Port Authority of Belgrade did not issue any statement regarding this case. This is 11. [[]