UPLS 8. April 2021.

Today, at 1105 km, near the mouth of the Velika Morava into the Danube, the thrust (barge) sank during loading on the "BP-7 Beli" excavator. A sailor from a dredger who was hospitalized was injured in the accident. The sunken barge as well as the dredger are owned by DMB Shipping DOO from Ruma.

VIDEO: The moment the barge breaks on loading


So far, several petitions have been submitted to the competent navigation inspection on the "BP-7 Beli" dredger, unfortunately without any changes according to the reports. The excavator has not been properly marked for more than a year, the name on the payment does not match the name on the transponder, the number and qualification of the crew is very questionable and there is no prominent Serbian flag. We remind you that the mentioned facilities are in the same ownership as the previously abandoned and sunken icebreakers Čakor and Vučevo, which were removed from the Novi Sad quay last year, after huge public pressure. The electronic register of ships shows that the excavator has a valid inspection, and how it was obtained remains a mystery since none of the markings on the excavator is in accordance with the valid Regulations. Please note that a technically correct facility CANNOT break or sink, which should be put under scrutiny by the Ship Inspection and Surveillance System itself as well as the work of the "Directorate for Determining the Ability of Ships to Navigate" (former Yugoslav Register).

Review of events from the beginning of the year:

The huge number of shipwrecks in our waters is a serious indicator that the security system is not working at all and that the situation is getting worse from month to month. At the beginning of the year, we had the sinking of two ships of the same owner in just 7 days. The ships were duly registered and due to the severity of the wreck, an extraordinary inspection of all facilities of the company "Netgroup sistem doo" was ordered. As they stated at the time from the competent ministry, all the ships were in good condition. We welcome the initiative and desire of the authorities to confirm the safety and good work of the Administration, but the question is how is it possible that there are no objections to safety when everyone with a little more experience, only analyzing photos from the Administration's website notices at least three huge security flaws ?! Whether it is mischief, ignorance or just oversight shows the factual situation on the ground.

PHOTO: http://uprava-brodova.gov.rs/registar_stage/cir/blog/2021/02/0

The board with the markings on the barge is damaged and illegible, the mark of the maximum immersion of the barge on the Bazdar ladder is missing.


There is no sealing rubber on the waterproof cover.


The barge has no anchor or anchor chain


There is no adequate gear protection on the clamping screw

UPLS Board of Directors