UPLS May 31, 2021
PHOTO: Steamer Župa Before and After Sinking.

The sinking of ships in Serbia is a topic that lasts and which, as things stand, has no end. So far, ships have sunk without adequate supervision, left to the mercy of the river, and now we have a case of sinking of a ship of historical and national significance, which is officially under state protection and which has literally reached the bottom under that protection.

This is the third sinking of the steamer Župa in its hundred-year sailing career. We remind you that in 2014, its reconstruction and "return from retirement" were pompously announced (http://www.politika.rs/scc/clanak/283438/Parobrod-Zupa-isplovljava-iz-penzije), of which there is obviously nothing, at least not in the foreseeable future.

After the attempt to reconstruct, the ship was towed to "Brodotehnika" on the river Sava and sank there at the beginning of the year. The state paid, and as far as we know unofficially, it still pays for its safekeeping. So far, we have not written about this case because only the sinking was covered by other ships that blocked the view of the sunken steamer from the Sava River.

In December, the "Lim" dredger sank, which, as we have learned, was also owned by the state, and which was left without adequate supervision and professional crew (https://udruzenjeladjara.com/blog/2020/12/12/potonuo-jos-jedan-brod-u-beogradu-na-adi-huji/).

Of the historically significant ships, a similar situation is with the steamer Vojvodina, which is neglected and forgotten in the Kladovo shipyard, and which is also under "state protection".

This is the sixteenth sinking of domestic ships in the last 3 years.

That there is a serious problem with the sinking and retrieval of sunken objects is evidenced by the fact that the law clearly regulates the problem, but that those who need to implement the law are not able to do so. It is probably a lack of an adequate number of employed experts at the competent ministry, or it is just a matter of mischief, but it remains unclear why nothing is being done to prevent this huge problem.

Monstrous pontoons are being built and docks for dizzying figures are being reconstructed. The number of experts in the captaincies has been reduced to an unsustainable minimum, we do not have special purpose ships (firefighters, icebreakers, rescuers), our ships sink more than boats, but for the reliable it is obviously not a problem.

They are probably waiting for foreigners, with the money of their taxpayers, to come and clean our rivers from sunken ships, for which, unfortunately, we are becoming known all over the world.

UPLS Board of Directors


PHOTO: Prinscrean "Law on Navigation" - paragraf.rs



PHOTO: Parish Steamer