UPLS 22. July 2021.

In January of this year, we wrote and warned about the security problem related to the passage through the lock of the dam on the Tisza. The pre-port of the lock is in a catastrophic condition and represents a real challenge for navigators who take a huge risk in order to safely translate the vessel.

PHOTO: Dam Tisza Dam

We appealed for the installation of adequate bumpers on the upper and lower waters of the port, but unfortunately nothing was done except promises. The vegetation on the flyovers has sprouted, which is proof that no one cares about the safety of navigation on this part of the river and that the maintenance of strategically important facilities is a mere letter on paper.

Due to its poor size and position, the dam on the Tisza represents a major obstacle in navigation on the river Tisza, especially a big problem during high water levels for downstream navigation and during low water levels for upstream navigation. Several minor breakdowns have been reported since the beginning of the year, but this does not seem to be a signal to the Maintenance Service for any action.

For this problem, as well as many others, we received assurances and guarantees that it will be solved by urgent procedure, that a total reconstruction is planned, etc. The only problem is that the ships still have to pass there and the conditions for safe navigation do not exist.

On this occasion, we again warn the Waters of Vojvodina, the competent ministries and the navigation inspection to solve the accumulated problems until there are major accidents or serious tragedies.


PHOTO: "Reforestation" of the river


PHOTO: At Low Water Levels Danger of "Underlining" Ship Under Concrete Structure and Serious Accident


PHOTO: Maintenance Services Unable To Remove Residual River Sediment.


PHOTO: Under these conditions, there is no possibility of safe docking of ships or the possibility of crew communication with the shore.

UPLS Board of Directors