UPLS 31. July 2021.

From the construction site of the new bridge in Šabac, at 110 km of the Sava River, during the extraction of planks, all waste (styrofoam, purpene, wood waste and other garbage) was just released into the Sava River, without any measures to protect the natural environment. The contractor is Azvirt, and the problem was reported by eyewitnesses from the scene.

The waste has been floating unhindered for two days without any reaction from the competent inspections.

We appeal to the contractors to take all necessary measures in order to avoid further pollution of the river and the coast, and the competent inspections to pay more serious attention to the problem of environmental protection and security of the construction site.

UPLS Board of Directors

PHOTO: Bridge Construction Site in Sabac
PHOTO: Part of the collected waste from the river
PHOTO: Pieces of Floating Waste