UPLS 9. October 2021.

The strong basket in our country in the past few days has caused numerous inconveniences for navigation.

One of the biggest obstacles to safe navigation and preservation of property in the coastal parts of the river were some anchored barges at anchorages, which due to lack of supervision, under strong waves and wind gusts, began to move freely due to loosening anchor chains.

07.10. we had a tanker collision under the Pancevo bridge and the next day in Novi Sad huge material damage was avoided when sailors of the Discont club from Novi Sad stopped cargo barges that were moving freely and threatened to destroy the marina and boats on the left bank of the Danube and potentially hit bridge and cause a general suspension of navigation.

PHOTO: Barges Stopped In Front Of The Marina

The barges were not properly anchored and because of that, due to unfavorable meteorological conditions, their movement occurred. A mitigating circumstance is the low water level and the barges did not develop a high speed of free movement.


PHOTO: Boaters Stop Barge by Dropping Second Anchor

The scariest part of this story is that the whole incident happened on a weekday around 15 p.m. The boatmen who noticed the movement of the barges from the anchorage tried to call the captain of the port and the patrol of the border police, but no one answered the radio. The classic river police that reacted to such problems were disbanded this year, and a patrol boat is tied to them on the Fisherman's Island.

Boaters and boaters are left to fend for themselves, with no hope that anything will change soon.

UPLS Board of Directors