UPLS 12. October 2021.

On the occasion of the text: Collision of a tanker with barges in the Pancevo bridge on October 06.10.2021, XNUMX. on our portal, Luka Beograd AD sent the following letter:

Dear Sirs,
The Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia is on its website, on October 07.10.2021, 06.10.2021. year, published a text entitled. ,, Collision of a tanker with barges in the Pancevo bridge on October XNUMX, XNUMX. year ", in which the following untrue information was presented to the account of the Port of Belgrade AD:
That the barges (which were hit by a motor tanker near the Pancevo bridge on October 6, around 22 pm) due to a strong stormy wind started from the anchorage of the Port of Belgrade.
That only three months ago a similar problem occurred at the same anchorage, fortunately during the day, and the quick action of the boatmen and the police avoided greater material damage '
Annex 1: Excerpt from the website of the Association of Professional Ladars of Serbia, from 07'10'2021. years.
The above published information is untrue for the following reasons:
The barges that were hit by a motor tanker near the Pancevo Bridge on October 06, 2021, at around 22 pm, were not anchored at all at the anchorage of the Port of Belgrade, so they could not start, nor did they start from that anchorages'
Three months ago, no similar problem occurred at the anchorage of the Port of Belgrade.
Published untrue information is further disseminated, downloaded and published. Thus, they were completely taken over on October 07.10.2021, XNUMX. published on the site "plutonlogistic.com" '
Attachment 2: Excerpt from the site plutonlogistich.com, dated October 07.10.2021, XNUMX. years.
We hereby request that you publish on our website our answer that the above published information is untrue, and that you correct and publish the correction of untrue information, as well as that you stop, without delay, further publishing untrue information on the account of Luka ,, Beograd “ad , Since the publication of untrue information grossly violates the reputation of the company Luka ,, Beograd ', ad and causes financial damage to its business interests, we will be forced to seek protection of their interests through the competent state authorities if they continue to be endangered by untruths against this company.

.3148 Port of Belgrade - Letter to the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia

PHOTO: Letter Print

The Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia sincerely apologizes to the Port of Belgrade AD for the allegations presented in the text and we thank you for the pointed out irregularities. The mentioned incident did not happen 3 but 8 months ago: https://www.blic.rs/vesti/hronika/nevidjena-scena-na-dunavu-teretnjak-tezak-1300-tona-plovio-rekom-bez-kontrole/07nrl3k.

Regarding the incident of 06.10.2021. we saw that there was a misunderstanding in the interpretation of the jurisdiction of the Port of Belgrade. In the current law on ports we have:

Part of Article 4 terms
22) port is a water and water-related area that is built and equipped for the reception of domestic ships and foreign flag ships, their loading and unloading, storage, finishing and processing of goods, reception and delivery of goods by other modes of transport (road, rail, intermodal and pipeline transport), embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, as well as for the provision of other logistics services necessary for the development of the economy in the hinterland of the port. Port terminals, anchorages, as well as parts of the waterway that enable the performance of port activities are integral parts of the port;
23) the port water area is a part of the waterway within the port area, by nature an area directly connected to the shore, separate anchorages and the like;

According to these members, we referred to the anchorage of the Port of Belgrade, not alluding to the company but to the waters of jurisdiction Lights captaincy of Belgrade, which includes the anchorage above and the anchorage below the Pancevo bridge.

Upon subsequent inspection, we noticed that the official anchorage did not actually exist, at least not on the website of the competent ministry, neither in the plan for marking the anchorage nor in the regulations (or we were unable to find it). The only thing that is clear is that under unfavorable meteorological conditions, there is a danger for navigation, from the anchorage for which obviously no one is competent.

We once again apologize to the company Luka Beograd AD for the damaged reputation and thank them for following our observations on the Serbian waterways, and we invite them to look at our previous complaints, especially about the environmental protection of endangered areas in shipwrecks and emergencies in ports.

UPLS Board of Directors