UPLS November 3, 2021


For years, we have been trying to make a digitized overview of certain shipping sectors. The materials have been collected for years and we have finally started the realization of this huge project.

Drone, flight simulator and radar images were used in the video. The video is designed as an aid in educating all participants in navigation.


VIDEO: Dornacht - Grein - Hoessgang - Sankt Nikola sector, Austrian sector from 2084 km to 2075 km.

Using computer technology, powerful software, simulators, drones and camera photo equipment, we tried to unite everything into one whole. From radar images, live images, videos, ENC maps and photos, we made a "pilot test trailer" in which we covered it all. The idea was to make a classic VIDEO encyclopedia in high-resolution audio video format.

We thank captains Dejan and Slobodan Golubović for their exceptional work and commitment to the realization of this project.

UPLS Board of Directors