UPLS November 5, 2021

03.11.2021/5/10 It has been XNUMX years since the sinking of the self-propelled Belgrade XNUMX near Smederevo, when two crew members, Milan Brzaković and Nikola Kosovac, lost their lives.

Nikola Kosovac
Milan Brzaković

For the past 5 years, nothing significant has been achieved in finding those responsible for this tragedy. Attempts were made to cover up and shift responsibilities, statements were changed, some hearings were held, unfortunately still without an epilogue. The families of the victims are still looking for truth and justice, but despite clear evidence of the ship's malfunction, omissions in the organization of employers and omissions when issuing a ship's license, the court is still waiting for additional expertise and the whole case threatens to drag on indefinitely. An additional tragedy related to this shipping accident is that absolutely NOTHING has changed in the past five years to improve the safety of navigation and to prevent such accidents. In the past period, we have become infamous record holders in the number of sunken objects in Europe, and we have had as many as 17 shipwrecks on our waters in the past three years (as many as five sinkings in 2021).

We hope that the court will finally complete this process and that justice will be served, and that the competent ministries and officials will pay more serious attention to solving the problem of navigation safety in order to avoid human casualties and restore the dignity of the shipping profession.

UPLS Board of Directors