Month: December 2021

UPLS December 21, 2021

Serbian shipping is one of the oldest occupations that exist continuously in our country and is one with a longer and more famous tradition in Europe. The tradition of navigation and shipbuilding has developed side by side with German, Dutch and American shipping, building its own system and specificity in accordance with domestic water resources and business needs. []

UPLS December 21, 2021

    In November 2021, our union was officially joined by the largest trade unions in the world, the federations of transport workers, the ITF and the ETF. The accession process and harmonization with the rules of the Federation of Transport Workers began two years ago through meetings and meetings of high representatives, with the great support of regional representatives. The Branch Union of Shipowners and Seafarers of Serbia (SLP) is a professional [(]

UPLS December 8, 2021

  The Port Authority of Belgrade has issued a statement for the coming winter period and possible occurrences of ice, ice drifts and ice levels: the Port Authority of Belgrade, pursuant to Article 170 of the Law on Navigation and Inland Ports ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 73/10, 121 / 12, 18/15, 96/15 - other law, 92/16, 104/16 - other law, 113/17 - other law, 41/18, 95/18 […]