UPLS December 21, 2021



In November 2021, our union was officially joined by the largest trade unions in the world, the federations of transport workers, the ITF and the ETF. The accession process and harmonization with the rules of the Federation of Transport Workers began two years ago through meetings and meetings of high representatives, with the great support of regional representatives.

The Branch Union of Shipowners and Seafarers of Serbia (SLP) is a professional union that gathers and connects all workers on ships: officers, hotel staff, port workers, auxiliary workers and all those who work in water transport on rivers, lakes and seas. The union arose from the visible need of workers for the establishment of social order and justice, determined through experience from practice and analysis of the Association of Shipowners of Serbia. The union was formed on a democratic basis with the Statute and the internal organization of the organization on the model of the ITF.

Federation of Transport Workers in figures:

The ITF (International Transport Workers Federation) was formed in 1896 in London, has over 18.000.000 members, 670 united unions, in 150 countries around the world. Internet adress: www.itfglobal.org

The ETF (European Transport Workers Federation) was formed in 1999 in Brussels and has over 5.000.000 transport workers in 41 countries. Internet adress: www.etf-europe.org

All members of our Union are entitled to free legal aid, free legal advice and assistance in business mediation, as well as to all privileges guaranteed STATUTOM of the union, wherever you are in the world.

If you want to join us visit us at: www.slp.rs/clanstvo