UPLS 1. January 2022.

A few months ago, we launched an application on our website for quick and easy reporting of problems and observations in navigation. The application was created in agreement with the representatives of the Navigation Inspection, who supported the idea.

The application is a simple contact form in which, in addition to the basic contact information and signatures of the applicant, photos, description and location of the observed problem are added. The ANONYMOUS copy of the report is automatically forwarded to the navigation inspection, more precisely only the data on the locality, photographs and a description of the observations. All other data is stored in our database and serves only to confirm the accuracy of the application, in order to avoid abuse. After completing the application, the applicant receives a confirmation of receipt of the application to his email address. In case of need for additional information, the applicant will be contacted by an authorized representative of the Association.

The application has successfully passed the test phase and is now officially in use for all boatmen. If you have a problem and do not manage with the new application, you can still report your observations and remarks via Viber group or via SMS, and we will forward them to the competent inspections.

The application can be accessed easily from the site by following the link in the menu "Working note".

If you notice any problem in the work or have a suggestion to improve the application, please contact us contact.