UPLS 20. April 2022.

Due to the problems observed in practice related to the free movement of people and ships in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, faced by workers on ships flying foreign flags as well as the problem of facilitated border control under the LAW ON BORDER CONTROL OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA ("Official Gazette of RS ”, No. 24/2018), the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia initiates the following


For the amendment of the mentioned law, in order to improve the current situation and to equalize the river traffic with other types of traffic, except for air traffic.

In the Law, the term boarding / disembarking in certain places is misinterpreted for operations that are part of operational ship operations and concern the movement of people from the ship to the shore and vice versa (eg: mooring the ship, shopping, crew sports activities, arrival of servicemen on board). , departure of passengers for an excursion or sightseeing, etc.)

The essence of the initiative is to equate ships flying the foreign flag with domestic ships, after the border control in the Republic of Serbia. Serbia and that domestic and foreign ships sailing in the territorial waters of Serbia are treated equally.

In order for this to be feasible in practice, it is necessary to enable four main and two auxiliary (transit) border crossings (which are already in operation). On the Danube: Bezdan (for all ships coming from the direction of Hungary and leaving the Republic of Serbia towards Mohács), Bogojevo (for transit crossings between Croatia and Serbia, for example: Vukovar port - Bogojevo port), Bačka Palanka, Veliko Gradište, Kladovo (as transit for T. Severin) and Prahovo.

Sava River: Sremska Mitrovica and Tisa River: Kanjiža (for ships leaving Serbia and ships coming from Szeged).

We believe that in this way the entry and exit border formalities would be equated with road and railway traffic, as well as that the elimination of unnecessary border crossings in the interior of the Republic of Serbia (eg Novi Sad, Belgrade, Smederevo, Kostolac) significantly reduced operating costs and the costs of engaged people.

Proposals for parts of the Law that should be changed:

Article 51 - Needs to be deleted (due to equalization of domestic and foreign vessels)

Article 60 - Amend paragraph 3 u After the border check, foreign vessels in international traffic on the internal waters of the Republic of Serbia may dock and anchor outside the border crossing point.

- Change paragraph 4 in Persons and crew members who come to the Republic of Serbia by vessels or leave the Republic of Serbia abroad may be disembarked or embarked at the border crossing area, at all international ports, ports for passenger ships, marinas and anchorages. The master of the ship is embarked / disembarked by the shipowner with a boarding instruction and other crew members are embarked / disembarked by the master.

- Change paragraph 5 in The master of a vessel in international traffic may not receive and board a person on board without a valid document prescribed for crossing the state border, except in the case of navigation and maintenance in the territorial waters of the Republic of Serbia. Of Serbia.

Article 63 - Amend paragraph 5 u The transcript of the list of crew and passengers referred to in paragraph 2 of this Article shall be stamped. Passengers who have undergone border control are free to disembark on shore.

We believe that these changes in the existing law would create a better and clearer order in securing the state border, reduce operating costs and enable people to move more easily, in accordance with the Constitution and the Law, and would bring closer the positive practice of other Danube countries.

Our Association, as well as the Union of Shipowners and Seafarers of Serbia are at your disposal for any kind of communication and consultation on this Initiative.

In Novi Sad

15.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX Branislav Vajda
President of UPLS