UPLS 20. April 2022.

A little more than ten years ago, the Special Authority for the Management of Ships on Special Sections of the Waterway was introduced. The certificate was introduced on the basis of the Recommendations of the Danube Commission and enables ship commanders to independently manage ships on special sections, without the presence of a boat or pilot.

Certificate can be obtained by all commanders of type A who can prove that they have passed a certain section 8 or more times upstream and downstream. Proof is done with a certified shipping book (liner section), domestic or foreign. Evidence can also be an excerpt from the logbook, a copy of the logbook certified by the ship's seal, or a certificate from the company (only for foreign companies) on the sailing experience on the given section.

The request with a copy of the proof of service, a certificate of payment of the fee and two photographs is submitted to the competent captain's office, which issues the certificate.

If there are any irregularities or ambiguities in the submission of the request, the captain's officers forward the submitted request to the Examination Commission for Professional Titles, which gives an opinion and a decision on the issuance of a certificate.

For special sections for which a certificate is issued are considered:

2329km - 2249km, 2081km - 2074km

2036km - 2001km, 1920km - 1166km

1059km - 1038km, 974km - 954km

836km - 175km, 175km - Black Sea

The new authorizations that should start to be issued in 2024 will include the section or mileage on which the commander has the right to sail independently, and which will be registered on the basis of this certificate. Persons who will take professional exams after 2024 will answer the descriptive parts of the waterway for the kilometers of waterway they report, with mandatory proof (certified line boarding) of passing the section for which they take more than 8 times upstream and downstream.