UPLS May 13, 2022

VIDEO: Authentic video of the sinking of the barge in Constanta

Around noon 11.05. a cargo barge sank in the port of Constanta. The owner of the barge is a domestic shipowner and the valid barge register is issued by the German registration authority. The sinking was most likely due to a malfunction of the building.

A lot of media reported this news, with a torn video, mostly wondering if the cargo in the barge was intended for electrical distribution. Not a word about the safety of the crew, not a word about the fact that this is almost the 20th sunken facility in the last three years that is owned by Serbian shipping companies.

Brodar, who is the owner of this barge, has a very professional attitude towards his employees and they are one of the few who fulfill their obligations to employees on time and at the market price of labor.

The problem that exists, as in most facilities in Serbia, is the inadequate maintenance of navigation units as well as the lack of adequate control by the competent authorities of control and registration of facilities. This case puts not only our services and the shipowner under scrutiny, but also the institution that issued the license for navigation to the faulty barge, which, unfortunately, are many with this shipowner.


How did this come about?

The problem arose during the transition and expansion of private companies. All safety systems for ships and crews, as well as quality permanent training of shipowners, which existed until then, are disappearing due to the need to increase profits.

So far, we have had major omissions by domestic ship registrars, which we have already mentioned and which we are still monitoring (the court dispute over the sinking of Belgrade 10 is still ongoing). The problem is that omissions of (so far inviolable) German registration institutions are now appearing on the Danube.

Damage due to mischief is borne by insurance companies, the shipowner and the owner of the goods, and the lives and health of employees at such facilities are at risk. There is no adequate control, because despite the best will, there are not enough navigation inspectors for even one city the size of Novi Sad, and more serious controls of ships besides the Hungarian authorities at the entrance to the Schengen zone (mostly paperwork) are performed only by Germans on their part of the Danube. our ships never sail.

The commanders bear full responsibility in the eyes of the law for everything related to the safety of the ship and people, but realistically the only thing the commanders can do is report deficiencies or malfunctions to the responsible persons of their company. This often ends in empty promises and endless delays in repair under various pretexts (great haste, urgency of goods, just this turn, etc.)

To our knowledge, the owner of the sunken barge was informed about the poor condition of the facilities by his employees, but in the classic manner of an irresponsible host, he acted according to the old Serbian saying, which seems to be a magical solution to all problems, "jbg, I guess not…"

Still it will and it happens. Some will be left without profit and some without heads.

Our ships are sinking, shipowners can no longer provide even the minimum crew for their ships, shipping schools fail to make staff, the competent ministry does NOTHING except give empty stories in the media about its huge investments and care for the environment, and ports and docks they don't even have ordinary garbage containers. All promises to improve the status of boatmen and boatmen are postponed for the eternal "two years". Captains, sailors and engineers are fleeing the country with their heads, regardless of trying to keep a foreign employer alive and at least as healthy as possible, and receive a dignified pension.

To our warning about the rapid and safe collapse of the boating profession and river transport, if something does not change urgently, the answer is heard and already mentioned: "I guess it won't…"