UPLS June 22, 2022

Ice and freezing are natural disasters that occur and are rising to endanger the economy, destroy infrastructure, endanger human lives and have unforeseeable consequences for the region and society where they occur. With good organization and an adequate fleet, it can withstand such challenges. Years ago, the Serbian fleet and the Serbian […] collapsed at all levels.

UPLS May 16, 2022

  Yugoslav River Shipping is one of the oldest national companies on the Danube. It was founded almost 200 years ago and over time has undergone numerous changes in the structure of the work organization as well as the name. JRB achieved its golden period in the seventies of the last century, and the peak of the company's strength and success was marked by two pusher ships "Karađorđe" and "Karlovac", built […]

UPLS May 13, 2022

VIDEO: Authentic footage of the sinking of the barge in Constanta Around noon 11.05. a cargo barge sank in the port of Constanta. The owner of the barge is a domestic shipowner and the valid barge register is issued by the German registration authority. The sinking was most likely due to a malfunction of the building. A lot of media reported this news, with a torn video, mostly […]

UPLS May 5, 2022

The process of establishing passenger transport on the Sava and Danube rivers in Belgrade, which is underway, was covered in the media mainly from the daily political side. This text will provide a view from the point of view of the profession free from the influence of politics. Based on the available data, we will consider the positive and negative aspects of this project. Belgrade lies on two large international navigable rivers, with [[]

UPLS 20. April 2022.

Our Association has launched a service for advertising job positions for employers, as well as a service for organizing services and educating crew members. For this purpose, a new website was launched only for that purpose, and it can be accessed at: www.crewing.upls.rs The new website highlights the official minimum prices of work on a daily basis for all members […]

UPLS 20. April 2022.

Due to the problems observed in practice related to the free movement of people and ships in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, faced by workers on ships flying foreign flags and the problem of facilitated border control under the LAW ON BORDER CONTROL OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA ("Official Gazette of RS ”, No. 24/2018), the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia launches the following INITIATIVE […]

UPLS 20. April 2022.

A little more than ten years ago, the Special Authority for the Management of Ships on Special Sections of the Waterway was introduced. The certificate was introduced on the basis of the Recommendations of the Danube Commission and enables ship commanders to independently manage ships on special sections, without the presence of a boat or pilot. Certificate can be obtained by all Type A commanders who can prove that […]

UPLS 20. April 2022.

The Danube River, as the best friend, engraves many memories in the hearts of every boatman, so we will publish this one with the hope that it will be an example to every place on the Danube and that it will be an incentive for every local government to act in the same way. Our association was founded for the reason that many traditional values ​​in shipping […]

UPLS 10. March 2022.

  08.03.2022/XNUMX/XNUMX an inland waterway (ITW) working group meeting of the ETF sector was held. The meeting was attended by representatives of: ITW sections Nautilus Switzerland, Nautilus Netherlands, unions from Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Russian Federation and for the first time a representative of our Union of Shipowners and Seafarers of Serbia. A future joint strategy on European rivers has been agreed, the next meeting has been agreed as [[]