UPLS 4. August 2021.

A popular seminar for cruise workers is coming to Croatia. Get involved and find out first hand the trends in the cruising industry, but also your rights and obligations. Take the family with you… After being postponed last year due to the Covid 19 pandemic, a seminar for seafarers working on cruisers, the "Cruise Seminar" will be held for the first time in […]

UPLS 31. July 2021.

From the construction site of the new bridge in Šabac, at 110 km of the Sava River, during the extraction of planks, all waste (styrofoam, purpene, wood waste and other garbage) was just released into the Sava River, without any measures to protect the natural environment. The contractor is Azvirt, and the problem was reported by eyewitnesses from the scene. Waste has been floating unhindered for two days without any [[]

UPLS 22. July 2021.

In January of this year, we wrote and warned about the security problem related to the passage through the lock of the dam on the Tisza. The pre-port of the lock is in a catastrophic condition and represents a real challenge for navigators who take a huge risk to safely translate the vessel. We appealed for adequate bumpers to be installed on the upper […]

UPLS June 25, 2021

Passing for professional titles in Veliko Gradište 25.06.2021. was organized on the passenger ship Siver Star, which was not a practice for a long time, with the great effort of the ship's owners and the efforts of Milijan Andjelković and Zlatko Arsić from the captaincy of Veliko Gradište. On this occasion, we express our gratitude to the organizers for their work and we want to point out that most of them were present at this exam […]

UPLS June 25, 2021

  We faced the introduced changes in taxation and the current problem and crisis caused by the COVID 19 epidemic during 2020, and it escalated with the revolt of freelancers due to the announcement of retroactive taxation in the last 5 years. Serbian boatmen and sailors make up, or rather did, most of the individual foreign exchange earnings from abroad. In the former state it was [[]

UPLS June 25, 2021

On Wednesday, June 23.06.2021, 19 around XNUMX pm, sailor Jadranko Florić - Kili disappeared in Smederevo. Eyewitnesses say that he entered the Danube to refresh himself and that he disappeared after a few minutes. Police and gendarmerie are searching for him.

UPLS May 31, 2021

The sinking of ships in Serbia is a topic that lasts and which, as things stand, has no end. So far, ships have sunk without adequate supervision, left at the mercy of the river, and now we have a case of sinking of a ship of historical and national importance, which is officially under state protection and which is under that protection in the literal [zaštit]

UPLS May 9, 2021

05.05. In the evening of 2021, our colleague Milan Andrić (Rambo) disappeared from the M / T "Modran" at 106 km of the Sava River. Everyone who sails on the river, Sava, is asked if you notice anything, to inform us. He was wearing work pants and a white T-shirt. Updated 08.05.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX We inform all colleagues and boaters that the lifeless body of ours is unhappy [[]