UPLS June 22, 2022

Ice and freezing are natural disasters that occur and are rising to endanger the economy, destroy infrastructure, endanger human lives and have unforeseeable consequences for the region and society where they occur. With good organization and an adequate fleet, it can withstand such challenges. Years ago, the Serbian fleet and the Serbian […] collapsed at all levels.

UPLS May 13, 2022

VIDEO: Authentic footage of the sinking of the barge in Constanta Around noon 11.05. a cargo barge sank in the port of Constanta. The owner of the barge is a domestic shipowner and the valid barge register is issued by the German registration authority. The sinking was most likely due to a malfunction of the building. A lot of media reported this news, with a torn video, mostly […]

UPLS May 5, 2022

The process of establishing passenger transport on the Sava and Danube rivers in Belgrade, which is underway, was covered in the media mainly from the daily political side. This text will provide a view from the point of view of the profession free from the influence of politics. Based on the available data, we will consider the positive and negative aspects of this project. Belgrade lies on two large international navigable rivers, with [[]

UPLS 24. January 2022.

We have already written about the new EU Directive 2021/1233 and about the changes that will follow in education and ship administration from this year. To numerous questions from our colleagues, when and in what way will the changes begin, that is. when the new Ordinance on titles will come into force in our country, we sent an inquiry to MGSI and received the following […]

UPLS 1. January 2022.

A few months ago, we launched an application on our website for quick and easy reporting of problems and observations in navigation. The application was created in agreement with the representatives of the Navigation Inspection, who supported the idea. The application is a simple contact form to which are added, in addition to the basic contact information and signatures of the applicant, photographs, description and location of the observed […]

UPLS December 21, 2021

Serbian shipping is one of the oldest occupations that exist continuously in our country and is one with a longer and more famous tradition in Europe. The tradition of navigation and shipbuilding has developed side by side with German, Dutch and American shipping, building its own system and specificity in accordance with domestic water resources and business needs. []

UPLS December 21, 2021

    In November 2021, our union was officially joined by the largest trade unions in the world, the federations of transport workers, the ITF and the ETF. The accession process and harmonization with the rules of the Federation of Transport Workers began two years ago through meetings and meetings of high representatives, with the great support of regional representatives. The Branch Union of Shipowners and Seafarers of Serbia (SLP) is a professional [(]

UPLS December 8, 2021

  The Port Authority of Belgrade has issued a statement for the coming winter period and possible occurrences of ice, ice drifts and ice levels: the Port Authority of Belgrade, pursuant to Article 170 of the Law on Navigation and Inland Ports ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 73/10, 121 / 12, 18/15, 96/15 - other law, 92/16, 104/16 - other law, 113/17 - other law, 41/18, 95/18 […]

UPLS November 5, 2021

03.11.2021/5/10 It has been 5 years since the sinking of the self-propelled Belgrade XNUMX near Smederevo, when two crew members, Milan Brzaković and Nikola Kosovac, lost their lives. For the past XNUMX years, nothing significant has been achieved in finding those responsible for this tragedy. Attempts were made to cover up and shift responsibilities, statements were changed, some hearings were held, unfortunately also […]