UPLS November 3, 2021

  For years, we have been trying to make a digitized overview of certain shipping sectors. The materials have been collected for years and we have finally started the realization of this huge project. Drone, flight simulator and radar images were used in the video. The video is designed as an aid in educating all participants in navigation. VIDEO: sector Dornacht - Grein - [[]

UPLS 19. March 2019.

The School of Shipping, Shipbuilding and Hydrobuilding from Belgrade organized a pilot course "Safety procedures in emergency situations during ship operations" in the period from 26 to 28 February 2019. The participants were 15 students of the third grade of educational profiles Nautical Technician. river direction and Brodomašinski technician of this school. Model course ,, Security procedures in emergency situations during operations on […]

UPLS 17. January 2019.

As part of its plan to develop a manual for navigating rivers, the Association of Professional Shipowners of Serbia covered the topic of using and adjusting radars on ships. The script is designed on the principle of questions and answers and covers all important aspects for the daily use of radar in ship navigation. The author is Commander Type A Vlado Shekerov. You can download the script below [[]

UPLS May 9, 2018

With the beginning of spring, the season of sailing boats for sports and leisure on our rivers begins. Due to the numerous problems that we, as professional boatmen, encounter, regarding the safety of navigation, we decided to, in cooperation with the nut association Moja lađa, create a manual or advisor to sailors on how to behave properly in navigation […]

UPLS 13. March 2018.

Date 09.03.2018. The first regular session of the Assembly of the Association of Professional Boatmen of Serbia was held on The first issue of the magazine Lađari Srbije - Lađarski glasnik was presented, plans for the work of the Association in 2018 were presented. The financial plan and the budget proposal were presented, and the plan for the realization of starting the Trade Union was presented. The first issue of Lađarski glasnik was printed in 1000 copies and [[]