Membership - application form

The Association of Shipowners may be joined by any person who works in the shipping profession, on the river or at sea, and has a certificate of competency or a valid shipping license.
In order to become a full member, you need to fill in the application form and pay the membership fee. By filling out the application form, by accepting Statute and by paying the membership fee you enter our database and become a full member of the Association.


The membership fee for 2022 is 3000 dinars and you can pay it with a payment slip in the post office to the bank: 265-6250310000283-28

Payment code:    190 - other payments (for those who pay by payment slip at the post office or bank counter)
290 - other payments (for those who pay electronically)

Enter your as a reference number phone number.

NOTE: All data entered when filling in the application form are treated as a business secret and will not be shown for inspection or passed on to third parties.